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The Social Stories: Issue 116

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Commuters #Scrabble

With a large proportion of people’s days spent commuting, Mattel is seeking to drive consumer engagement by publicising their Scrabble word game to the commuting world. The Scrabble Challenge is an integrated OOH and social campaign that takes the form of a series of Scrabble tweets, containing seven random letters, from @scrabble2winUK. The most inventive solutions tweeted out with #ScrabbleChallenge will be eligible to win a weekly prize. A clever way to tap into a mass market and get them thinking about your brand – keep your eyes peeled for clues on your way home.

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Twitter Turns on TV

As the connection between Twitter and TV strengthens, it’s clear why Forbes this week claimed that the social network sees itself “as a TV companion, an indispensable tool to keep up with, discuss and even influence the outcomes of shows and live events”. With the addition of the See It button to tweets, you can understand why. Moving on from stunts to fully integrated TV viewing directly from Twitter, this collaboration between Comcast and Twitter is limited to certain TV subscription members but its success could determine a new future and direction for Twitter.


Share your Hair

“Content is King” right? UNIQLO have again created a strong Pinterest campaign to compliment the A/W 2013 collection. The Japanese clothing company has launched a new do-it-yourself hair style website that showcases 16 different styles to match their look from the season’s range. Each step-by-step guide is posted as a shareable Pin – perfect for fuelling engagement and conversation around the brand.

The Social Stories #51

That’s a Great Plan!

A great new idea from Dutch company PlanSpot, due to launch in September, will offer a comprehensive way to set up and promote events on and off-line. The service can post on multiple social platforms simultaneously. All responses then feed on to one page, making it a lot easier to track feedback. There’ll be a Press Center where users can partner with suggested media partners to raise awareness. All this and it’s free for all to use! As Google+ Events launched this week it will be a welcome package to manage a multitude of platforms.



Now we all love to see someone getting it right and  Uniqlo are consistently up there with the best of the best on social media initiatives. Their latest feat: an incredibly well made, visually impressive, technically bamboozling Pinterest page – and we know, we build them! Utilising the scroll functionality perfectly, this hack is simply delightful. While we’re not sure what it would do for engagement and sales (it’s rather distracting) it’s certainly getting talked about. Bravo.


Close To You

Ford have introduced an interesting initiative, building on their Key Free Technology which unlocks a user’s car when they approach. They’ve taken the idea to the next level and introduced Key Free Log-In. Users download the software from the Ford website and enter all of their log-in info from different online platforms. Your portable device is now the key to your online world, automatically logging you in when you and your device are within range. A great idea to save time without having to remember countless passwords.




The Social Stories #44

A Development for Developers

Facebook have announced the release of the “Facebook App Centre,” a platform within the social network to buy, download and install apps. A blog post on the site’s developer page this week says the “App Centre” will go live in the next few weeks online and on mobile. The new centre will allow for the development of paid-for apps and rely on user rankings, rather than ‘likes’ to push apps up the tables. It seems Facebook are trying to encourage developers to get behind them and help improve the social platform. Your move Apple…


Social Sleep Patterns

Japanese clothing company Uniqlo have teamed up with Yoko Kanno and Grammy nominated Cornelius, to design an app that helps you wake up by singing you a song. The music which shakes you from your slumber will change depending on the time, which day of the week it is and the weather outlook for the day. Users have the ability to share the song the second the alarm has been turned off and their day has begun. Cute, right?! Well – annoying as it may seem, we think it’ll go down a treat with Uniqlo’s target market.


Skies the limit

Online social influence affecting real world situations is here for the long-haul… Klout, the influence scoring site, has partnered with Cathay Pacific Airways, to utilise their newly released iPhone app. Having mobile Klout, (as long as your influencer score is above 40) will get you access to the airline’s first class lounge at San Francisco International Airport. The goal is to garner some social coverage for the airline, encouraging influencers to share their experiences via Instagram, tweeting or checking in. Simply show your profile on the app to the receptionist and you have exclusive access to what’s behind that velvet rope.