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The Social Stories: Issue 138

4508050_screenshot20140320at17.07.18Shazam for Shopping

How often do you see someone and wonder where they bought their outfit? Are you sometimes too shy to ask them? There’s now an app for that. Asap54 allows you to scan someone’s outfit in order to find out where they bought it, buy it and find similar items. Powered by visual recognition technology, a social community and a team of fashion experts, the app traces the items online. This is great news for retailers as their products can now be found on a whole new platform. They should definitely team up with the app to ensure users can easily purchase their clothes.


4508051_screenshot20140320at17.05.35Gift Feed

Pinterest has created a feed specifically for different items that can be purchased by users. Called the Gifts Feed, it is currently a work in progress and only shows Product Pins which display crucial information such as price, availability and purchase location. Product Pins are believed to get more click-throughs on the platform than regular pins, so this is a great way to group together what is deemed most successful. Within this feed, you can also filter via price, so that you can shop within your spending range – a feature already evident on e-commerce sites. This is another step forward for the platform as an e-commerce site.


4508049_screenshot20140320at17.12.21Snap and Win

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. After the launch of photo support on Foursquare a couple of weeks ago, Olive Valley restaurant has conducted the first foursquare-based photo contest. They have encouraged customers to take photos of their food and post it to the platform via their check-in system for a chance to win a dinner for two. To create a real integrated social experience, Olive Valley could have pulled all entries through to a microsite and asked their audience to vote for their favourites. This would be a great way to encourage engagement online and also supply content for other platforms.



The Social Stories: Issue 132


Audi have proved themselves to be at the forefront of social media with their latest campaign which ran during the day of the Superbowl, whereby they teamed up with current affairs satire

website The Onion  to produce humorous snaps using the social network Snapchat. This tied in with their quirky above the

line advert, premiered during the Superbowl, which focused on the “Doberhuahua” to reiterate their message – designed with compromise.



Strike presents real-time opportunity

If you’re a Londoner, you’ll know it’s been difficult to avoid the tube strike this week. It’s affected every commuter in one way or another, be it getting to work, getting home, or just beating the crowds. Brands haven’t been slow to jump on board this marketing opportunity, with Zipcar and Hailo taking advantage of an unfortunate situation to publicise their services. Paid social activity has manifested itself as cleverly timed tweets about alternative methods of transport, with much initial success. Other brands to have jumped on the bandwagon include Innocent Smoothies and Waterstone’s – both known for their irreverent tone.



Smile, it’s Thursday

In what marks a continuation of Coca-Cola’s recent friendly marketing, they have released a video showcasing how easy it is to ‘share a smile’. Featuring various members of the Coca-Cola team, they have sent  t-shirts around the world, asking recipients to upload a picture of themselves wearing a ‘smile’, which they then amalgamated into a flipbook style animation. This in turn was then sent to participants, who could share on their own social network. Watch the full video here.

The Social Stories: Issue 131

STEVEReal-time Marketing at the Digital Marketing Show

The Social Practice’s own Steve Parker delivered a keynote talk at the Digital Marketing Show on the rise of real-time marketing. Real-time marketing has seen a flurry of activity in recent months, including brands talking to one another on Twitter (Tesco Mobile & Jaffa Cakes), Oreo’s ‘dunk in the dark’ Superbowl stunt and many more. Steve touched on some of these examples and also looked at the future of this interesting area of social media marketing. Watch the full presentation here.



Alzheimer Nederland 
Alzheimer’s is a disease that many of us are aware of, but not many are familiar with the  implications. Alzheimer Nederland, a Dutch organisation for Alzheimer’s disease, has sought to bring it to life using Facebook, and the results are shocking.  Facebook users were superimposed into photographs of events that never happened – thus creating an experience not unlike that which Alzheimer’s sufferers face every day. It would be interesting to see this sort of campaign on a larger scale, as it is spectacularly effective.



osSniffing out the best campaigns
The Old Spice campaign has been seen on multiple channels, and now they have launched a spin-off used as a platform to prank your friends online, using the prospect of hilariously overcompensating-masculine products. If a friend actually tries to purchase an item, Old Spice confronts them with the reality of their decision in a set of videos bound to get a laugh. An extremely sociable experience to           start the year off.

The Social Stories: Issue 129



Connected Cars

We’ve all become familiar with the term Connected Homes, especially with Google’s purchase of Nest this week for $3.2 billion. So it only makes sense to introduce the next big connection – Connected Cars. General Motors announced that from 2015 the Chevrolet App Shop will be available, giving drivers access to music, podcasts and travel information. All tailored for in-car use, the content will be supported by 4G LTE connections. This overlay of technology is all to add a deeper car experience, and why not? We spend more and more time in our cars these days, if our homes can be ‘connected’, we may as well be connect on the go too.


Emirates for the Real Madrid

As part of a joint campaign, Emirates and Real Madrid have launched their “Fans for Real” campaign in search of looking for the most devoted Real Madrid fan around the world. Fans are asked to +1 the Emirates and the Real Madrid Google+ pages and upload engaging content about Real Madrid using the #FansForReal and #FlyToMadrid hashtags. The choice of the Google+ platform is an interesting one for this competition as it follows a simple mechanic similar to that of Facebook and Twitter – whether it gathers the same traction will definitely be something to watch.



The Digital Printed Catalogue

To drive awareness of their new 2014 catalogue launch, Ikea Norway have launched a new campaign asking customers and fans to take photos of the catalogue pages featuring their favourite pieces, and then to share them on Facebook and Instagram. Inspired by the fact that Ikea DM customers with new products on a regular basis, they thought to turn the tables and get fans to push out content using the #ikeakatalogen hashtag for a chance to win that item. From all content published online, the catalogue will then be repurposed using the UGC. A great way to integrate Ikea fans into a campaign, and to make the most of UGC in a fun way.

The Social Stories: Issue 126

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.08.25

SnapChat Santa

With a new wave of investment, SnapChat is a growing platform for agencies, brands and individual users. So what better time to utilise the features with a creative idea than Christmas? VML Agency Australia have jumped at the chance and introduced a current, innovative way to distribute their company Christmas cards – with SnapChat Santa. This new profile will see Santa sending out weird and wonderful videos and images everyday until Christmas day, giving an insight into the life of the man of the season. Follow Santa_Official on SnapChat and see two of the most popular topics of the moment come together.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.07.41

Facebook Donate

Facebook has gone charitable with their new Donate feature, linked to non-profit organisations. This button will appear in Newsfeeds and charity pages prompting users to take part. Simply click ‘Donate’, and enter the amount you wish to give before entering payment details – all done within a Facebook pop-up window. The big question is how much commission Facebook will be taking for hosting – but in fact, the answer is zero. 100% of donations go towards the chosen charity. We’re wondering how long until Facebook adopts this functionality and applies to e-commerce?


Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.09.26

Tweet Knit

As part of a campaign to drink responsibly over the Christmas period, Budweiser have introduced a social incentive to designate a driver after parties this season. Introducing ‘Knitbot’ – the machine that knits red and white jumpers with the company branded logo, and slogan “Celebrate Responsibility”. If you know someone who’s the designated driver over Christmas, tweet #Jumpers4des and make them feel special with a Budweiser jumper. Although not a high profile gift, the novelty gift is always a winner around Christmas.


The Social Stories: Issue 110

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 16.05.25

Milka’s Tender Campaign

Milka’s latest French marketing campaign lets their audience experience the brand message instead of just communicating it. Everyone knows that the best square in a chocolate bar is the last one, so Milka has found a way of engaging customers by producing 10 million chocolate bars leaving out one square. Here, the consumers can decide whether they want to claim it or send it to someone else along with a friendly message. Driving their audience to a custom built microsite is a great brand awareness builder, whilst they have used the emotional message to send the chocolate to someone else to increase their chances of data capture.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 16.10.42

Airbnb: The Movie

Do you know your place in the world? Airbnb is challenging users to discover theirs by creating Vine clips that will contribute to ‘Hollywood and Vines’, a movie-making project designed to premier on the 12th September on the Sundance Channel. The resulting six-second short film will be crowd-sourced via Twitter by proposing a new challenge every day, doling out a storyboard and giving shot directions for users. Each Vine director whose clip is chosen for the final film will receive a $100 Airbnb coupon! It feels like apps like Vine and Instagram Video will have a future in filmmaking!

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 16.11.16

Like to Enter

In their bid to streamline ad products, Facebook has taken another step in their simplification process by making it easier for brands to run promotions on their page. Facebook admins now have the option to create a promotion either on the site with the ability to now collect entries via comments, likes and posts. This has opened up hundreds of possibilities for brands, big and small, who want to make the most of their Facebook community, without having to work with a third party company. We’re expecting big things from brands with these changes, but who will be the first in line?

The Social Stories: Issue 96

KarlDress for Social

Sharing purchases on social is now second nature and friends’ opinions on purchases are invaluable. So, how about sharing before you purchase – but sharing them with the designer himself? Karl Lagerfeld has commissioned a pop up concept store in Amsterdam, equipped with his collections and social media dressing rooms. Here, you can capture your own look, apply Karl Lagerfeld filters to it, share the result through social media to your friends, and even leave a comment for Karl himself to see what he thinks. Now that’s what we call audience involvement.

SkyThe Tweeting Record

With a study revealing that more Twitter chatter correlates to higher television ratings, Sky noticed that more customers were using Twitter as their source for TV show information. Introducing #SKYREC, where Sky TV tweets highlights of their programmes every day. If customers want to record a show that was tweeted, all they need to do is to retweet with the hashtag #SKYREC. This not only helps Sky customers but it also turns Sky’s social media profile into a unique service that brings the operator’s brand closer to customers.

WeetabixVine ‘On the Go’

Weetabix launched their new campaign to promote their ‘On The Go’ Breakfast Biscuits by using Vine and asking their Twitter followers to decide how one person’s morning would go. Weetabix released a Vine video series and asked their followers to decide the next step, whether to #getup or #hitsnooze, or #getbreakfast or #getout – with each video shot live depending on the responses of their Twitter followers. With more brands taking on Vine, is consumer interaction the best way to utilise the platform?

The Social Stories: Issue 94

A Facebook Toast

Budweiser in Brazil has launched The Buddy Cup – a new way for alcohol to grow your Facebook friends. By containing a chip integrated with the social network, people can become Facebook friends simply by clinking their glasses. Being used at events that are sponsored by Budweiser, the cups are designed to increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers. Not to mention the ‘never been done before’ novelty effect drawing in more fans and raising brand awareness.


Go Back and Retwact

After receiving 1,500 requests for it to be built, a software developer has built the web’s first Twitter correction service. Retract Retweet (Retwact) gives you the functionality to correct one of your last 5 tweets. You can either send out a retraction tweet, or a tweet via Retwacts own Twitter account to those who retweeted your original message – highlighting the correction. This is potentially a useful service – but a terrible name.


Photo Donation

Johnson & Johnson has utilized the influential campaign mechanic of donating to charity in return for interactions. Their “Donate a Photo” campaign lets users upload a photo to a curated list of good causes to which the brand donates $1. In 5 days, 5,000 photos have been uploaded, raising $5,000. Integrating with Twitter, and Facebook where 350 million photos are uploaded each day, this campaign taps into a popular daily activity. However, perhaps the ability to upload to Instagram with its 100 million users would have also been a smart move.


The Social Stories: Issue 83

The Social Practice acquires ISM Search & Social

We have big news! We’ve acquired specialist content marketing agency ISM Search & Social.  This move will strengthen our capabilities in content marketing, community management and search engine optimisation. Our new team brings with them expertise in managing online communities and creating improved user journeys for brands using its proprietary audience mapping, content planning tools and social search expertise and is already fully integrated in to our service offering. We look forward to our future projects now that we’re bigger and, ultimately, better.


American Express is expanding its Sync program with Twitter, which rolled out last March to now let cardholders buy stuff using specific hashtags. Items available to purchase are being rolled out includes Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Xbox Controller. This is a clear win-win for Amex, the move not only highlights forward-thinking e-commerce but also, with each hashtag, users are endorsing the concept, and in turn the AmEx brand.


Topshop’s Google Fashion Week

Google has joined forces with Topshop to offer up a comprehensive London Fashion Week experience. The project will use Google’s+ to give people different ways of interacting with aspects of the show, including hangouts with the design team, streaming live cameras and access to makeup tutorials. We think this is a great example of how brands can make the most out of Google+ and it’s features and it will offer Topshop the chance to collect valuable data, which will tell them exactly what their audience likes and wants.

The Social Stories: Issue 82

Social Superbowl

Advertisers spend thousands to get their ads aired on Superbowl Sunday – but this year some brands created their buzz on social media instead, inspired by the electricity blackout. Brands include Calvin Klein and Audi – with the strongest example being Oreo. Their quick wit hit just minutes after the outage, gained over 15,000 retweets and created even more buzz than its TV ad. This is a great example of how real-time advertising can work better than high cost TV ads and could be a teaser into how best to market to consumers in the future.


In the Tweet Seat

The Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island has launched “Tweet Seats” – where seats can be reserved free of charge in return for tweets about the show, along with a specific hashtag. During the “Twittermission” they respond to any comments and questions that they would have received whilst the tweets are projected in the lobby. This scheme hopes to attract a younger audience and aims to make the experience more interactive.



To grow the popularity of their Facebook page, beer brand James Ready introduced The James Ready Cover Photo Swap. Allowing Facebook users to use the brand page cover photo space to promote anything from their band to their CV. In the meantime, James Ready used the individuals cover photo space to promote the brand. The campaign has reached 6 million people, increased fans by 37%, Likes by 402%, and shares rose by 352%. For such a simple low cost campaign this is a great example of how to get the value exchange right and encourage fan participation.