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The Social Stories Issue 169: Argos Live, Halloween & Samaritans

Katy B Live with ArgosGet Set for Groundbreaking

As part of Argos’ re-branding for ‘Get Set Go Argos’, they held a groundbreaking live concert featuring Katy B.

The concert was advertised on social media, with Argos implementing an interactive head banner on Youtube, to allow people surfing the worlds largest video streaming site to sign up and watch live.

The Google+ Hangout, hosted by a panel of music industry experts, was streamed via Google+ and for the first time in the UK, through Youtube.

What’s next for Argos?



Trick or tweetTrick or Tweet?

The Halloween season is among us. Little kids and social media managers rejoice!

The season of trick or treating has created some great social media campaigns over the years, but should you take advantage of seasonal trends? Kellogg’s went big last year with their Rice Krispies prank, where the vending machine offered a free product, with a trick or treat element added in. Their videos received over 300,000 views. Whilst detergent brand, Tide, created a product campaign on Vine with their series of Halloween inspired shorts – some receiving hundreds of thousands of loops.


Samaritans appSamari-can

The Samaritans have introduced Samaritans Radar, a web app that keeps tabs on your friends’ tweets, and brings your attention to signs of depression. The tool uses keywords to monitor your friends status updates, sending an email to the user if something worrying is posted.

Is it a good thing or just another invasion in to privacy on social media?



The Social Stories: Issue 148


One Hour Translation, an online translation website, is offering Twitter users free, on-demand Brazilian Portuguese translation throughout the World Cup season for people wanting to tweet to Brazilian locals, in a great example of clever real-time marketing. This is a fantastic way of furthering the reach of their service by latching on to a relevant world event, and it not only provides a public service for those within the country, but also gives brands the opportunity to promote themselves on an international scale. If you’ve got a burning question that you’ve always wanted to speak in Portuguese, get tweeting on June 12th! We’ll be brushing up on our own Brazilian Portuguese, so expect to find next week’s Social Stories em Português!



0f66cb44-4244-443f-b944-25078b08c700Pimp That BBQ

Tim Westwood has gone mad for meat in the new Heck food campaign, where he is on the hunt to find the nation’s most run down and destroyed BBQ.  He aims to transform it into something special and spectacular to celebrate National BBQ week, in the vein of “Pimp My Ride”.  The video appears on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Twitter, with Westwood encouraging users to post their damaged BBQs on social with the hashtag #WhatTheHeck, which automatically enters them into a competition to win a brand new £3,500 BBQ! The brand is targeted at a younger audience, so having Tim Westwood on their side enables them to create fun, light-hearted content and help build their online social presence.  We’re interested in how Westwood’s involvement will increase the reach of this brand, and will be watching closely.


facebook-mobile-blue-270x167Sharing isn’t caring

Are you fed up of knowing what song your friend has just listened to on Spotify through your Facebook? Or thinking, how on earth do they know what image I’ve just repinned on Pinterest? We’ve got some great news for you. Facebook is cracking down on automatic updates on your news feed via third party apps. This is a pinnacle moment in the history of Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of having everything you eat, drink, do or visit automatically shared for everybody to see, is reined in. Users weren’t ready for this level of sharing and frequently reported it as spam. The notifications won’t be removed entirely, but it means apps won’t be getting the level of viral exposure that they were previously seeing. We’re a little surprised at this decrease in social integration, but users might appreciate the privacy when next listening to the new One Direction song!

The Social Stories: Issue 146



Ever wanted to print your own image on a pair of trainers? Well, now it can finally happen. Adidas are allowing their customers to print their favourite Instagram photo directly onto the ZX Flux Trainer with a brand new, ingenious app released in August this year. Adidas has managed to combine the nation’s obsession with trainers and selfies in one zeitgeisty app. Fair play.We think that Adidas have developed an innovative way of connecting themselves with their fans, by collaborating with their customers and creating a new, one of a kind #miadidas shoe.  Other competitors such as Nike have offered their customers the freedom to customize their trainers for comfort and performance, but Adidas are the first to offer this level of innovation. This fad won’t be ending anytime soon, so we can only wonder what these brands will have up their sleeve over the next few years.

Beck-Playable-Posters-1Playable Art

Beck’s Beer have trialled many digital firsts throughout the years, and this is no exception.  Their latest campaign focuses on ‘playable’ music posters – allowing people to create and remix their own tracks in the street. The tagline is “Turning Beer Into Art since 1874″, and it highlights their desire to be at the forefront of new technologies while relating back to the sociable nature of beer. Beck’s are claiming it is a world first, and whilst this is not entirely true, it’s an interesting way of fusing digital media and fast moving consumer goods. You can find out more about the campaign at #playableposter.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 17.34.31Football and Fizz

As part of their marketing campaign for the World Cup, soft drinks brand Pepsi has designed an interactive #FutbolNow vending machine, that gives football fans the opportunity to win a free shiny blue beverage if they are able to complete a series of challenges with a floating, virtual football.  The machine is fitted with motion sensors that are able to track body movement as you tackle a digital version of Messi or Van Persie, showcasing your footie skills when it matters. Pepsi has previously used the concept of interactive vending machines, which enabled you to buy drinks for your friends via Facebook, but we think this one is a little bit more fun.  With the chance to win a free can, what’s not to love? Keep a look out for these machines near you and see if you can take on the World Cup pros!

The Social Stories: Issue 142

4633926_screenshot20140417at17.09.31Watch and Record the Sky

Sky is trialling a new Twitter based tool that allows subscribers to record and watch TV shows and movies by engaging with a tweet. If there is “Watch On Sky” included in a tweet, this can be expanded to reveal “watch” and “record” buttons that link directly to Sky’s mobile TV service Sky Go. This is not the first Sky and Twitter partnership, with the duo previously broadcasting Champions League clips within tweets. However, this is their latest move and one of the first times a UK broadcaster has allowed users to control their viewing in such a way. The concept has also previously been toyed with by Sky in Brazil and a similar mechanic was flirted with between Twitter and Comcast in the US. I guess it’s time to see if it catches on in the UK.

4633927_screenshot20140417at17.10.07The Viral Grape-Vine

Vine has been taken to the next level with new app, Vid, which allows users to collaborate with friends to create customised looping videos. Although on the surface it’s not that different from Vine, with the ability to comment, tag, like and @mention on the videos, Vid is much more social and gives users great flexibility with their creations. It allows them to add motion effects and invite friends to add their own creations. The most standout feature for us is the ability to “remake” existing Vine videos by importing posts and adding their own effects or additional video content. This is a great way to make Vine more engaging and interactional with others, and it will be interesting to watch if brands adopt this.




Tesco has kickstarted their Easter campaign with an online Easter egg hunt using Google Street View. This campaign invited played to explore the streets to find thoughts of virtual Easter eggs which can be exchanged to win real chocolate treats. The game is narrowed down to area with each player entering in their postcode to play. One three eggs have been found, that user wins a MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny which can be claimed in store or online. Carrying on from their campaign last year, this is still an effective and viral way to run a campaign, with the use of Google Maps still being new to brands. We’re off to search the streets of London. Are you?


The Social Stories: Issue 139


4539538_screenshot20140327at16.51.59The Charity Run

Fresh from the Cancer Awareness ‘no make-up selfies’ campaign that raised over £2m for charity, there is an app that you can use without having to share your naked face on social media. Charity Miles is an app that is powered to donate to a charity every time you exercise. Forget signing up for that marathon – simply donate by doing your weekly workouts. You just turn on the app, choose a charity and start. The app tracks your distance and money earned as you exercise, and when you’re finished, you simply accept your sponsorship and spread the word. We’re signing up to get involved!




McLittle Piccadilly

McDonalds has reworked one of London’s most famous landmarks. Introducing ‘Little Piccadilly’. Taking over one of the screens in Piccadilly Circus, this campaign is one of the first to be fully interactive. When walking past the screen, users are prompted to access a unique URL and create their own animated character. This character is then shared with the giant screen. Accessible 24/7 365 days a year, the screen will change with the world, including weather and seasons. Being a long-term feature, the brand are keen to develop the concept over time, including games and messages. We’ll definitely be watching the big screen to see where this goes.



4539539_screenshot20140327at16.51.08Tesco VR Store

Tesco has gone virtual with the ‘Pele Experience’. Using AR headgear, users are instantly transported to a Tesco supermarket with the ability to move and look around simply by moving their head. Users are able to explore the aisles before entering onto a giant football field where the simulation ends. Although the current purpose of the simulation is difficult to understand with it’s link to football and Pele – the potential this shows is a great leap for technology. One day, you could pop to the supermarket without even leaving your house. It’ll be the new way to shop. 

The Social Stories: Issue 138

4508050_screenshot20140320at17.07.18Shazam for Shopping

How often do you see someone and wonder where they bought their outfit? Are you sometimes too shy to ask them? There’s now an app for that. Asap54 allows you to scan someone’s outfit in order to find out where they bought it, buy it and find similar items. Powered by visual recognition technology, a social community and a team of fashion experts, the app traces the items online. This is great news for retailers as their products can now be found on a whole new platform. They should definitely team up with the app to ensure users can easily purchase their clothes.


4508051_screenshot20140320at17.05.35Gift Feed

Pinterest has created a feed specifically for different items that can be purchased by users. Called the Gifts Feed, it is currently a work in progress and only shows Product Pins which display crucial information such as price, availability and purchase location. Product Pins are believed to get more click-throughs on the platform than regular pins, so this is a great way to group together what is deemed most successful. Within this feed, you can also filter via price, so that you can shop within your spending range – a feature already evident on e-commerce sites. This is another step forward for the platform as an e-commerce site.


4508049_screenshot20140320at17.12.21Snap and Win

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. After the launch of photo support on Foursquare a couple of weeks ago, Olive Valley restaurant has conducted the first foursquare-based photo contest. They have encouraged customers to take photos of their food and post it to the platform via their check-in system for a chance to win a dinner for two. To create a real integrated social experience, Olive Valley could have pulled all entries through to a microsite and asked their audience to vote for their favourites. This would be a great way to encourage engagement online and also supply content for other platforms.



The Social Stories: Issue 137

4482693_flawkFlawk to Me

Introducing Flawk – a real-time platform for fan engagement. Here, Twitter users can communicate with their favourite bands, authors, celebs or businesses through an integrated chat service. Working on a one-to-many type broadcast, this feature is different to the usual Twitter Q&A chat. Users enter the platform via Twitter and choose themselves an avatar, before beginning to chat and ask questions. The instant chat mechanic also allows users to share music and videos, providing a more personal experience. Ideal for those who want to share new content and get an instant reaction, this could be a solution to enable businesses to sustain a large Twitter following.


w179_4482699_skySky’s First Episode

Sky has joined forces with YouTube creating a new Sky TV channel – ‘Sky First Episodes’. This partnership allows you to ‘try before you buy’, with first episodes of popular Sky shows usually only available to Sky Subscribers. Partnering with YouTube allows Sky to open up their platform to a host of new users who may be more familiar with digesting content via other on demand services. This is a great way to increase the reach of Sky’s exclusive content through their owned channels and also tapping into the YouTube audience.

4482706_562pxadidas_logo.svgFast or Fail

Adidas have launched a new desktop and mobile game starring footballer Lionel Messi. In order to promote their latest football boots, players take the role of the famous footballer and ‘play the Messi way’ to get him to Rio. Powered by social media, this real-time game relies on the use of #FastOrFail and mentions of Messi, with the player running faster with the more social conversation there is. This gaming platform is a unique way to utilise Twitter for a whole new experience. It also creates a buzz about their products, as well as generating excitement for the upcoming Fifa World Cup that Adidas are partners and sponsors of.

The Social Stories: Issue 136

4446217_screenshot20140306at17.25.51Greggs Gets Loyal

Introducing the first entirely digital loyalty scheme, the Greggs Rewards app means that customers can eat, pay and be rewarded all in real time. With the app, loyal customers are provided with offers and incentives, including free breakfasts and birthday treats. They have even partnered with PayPal for the scheme who are offering the first 10,000 customers a free £5 bonus credit. With loyalty schemes popping up with more and more retailers, it’s only a matter of time before food retailers all catch on and develop the dated stamp systems.




4446264_screenshot20140306at17.32.21(Crowd)Source My Holiday

For their newest ski holiday resort in Val Thorens, the holiday organisers Club Med have taken a unique approach. For the first time ever, they are inviting their social community to help them create a new flagship ski destination. Ideas and opinions are being sourced through a Facebook app, contributing to the resort design, facilities and branding. With so much competition between holiday agents, it’s a great idea for Club Med to up their engagement and give their audience what they want.



4446219_screenshot20140306at17.19.12The Instagram Life Of…

To mark the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin‘s first appearance in silent film, the Toronto Silent Film Festival turned their Instagram feed into a timeline of the actor’s life. The creative use of the app is viewed properly when the screen is turned sideways, and includes a combination of text, images and videos, all dedicated to the actor in a chronological order. One of the most unique uses of Instagram, this is a concept that can be adopted by others and even utilised at its best with a engaging mechanic for users.

The Social Stories: Issue 135

Open Heart For Twitter


After previous successes, Twitter is continuing their step towards the medical and educational realm. Sunnybrook Hospital in Canada has plans to live-tweet an open-heart surgery for a 57 year old with coronary artery disease. The updates on the social network will include images to accompany text, and all will be tracked with #SBheart. In 2011 a knee surgery at the Ohio State University Medical Centre was performed in another social way, and we’re sure this won’t be the last. Could surgical Vines be next on the agenda?

Mobile Detox

How many times do you check your phone a day? Twenty? Thirty times? What if you would be aiding global causes by simply letting it sit there? We’ve already seen examples of this method with Samsung’s Power Sleep app, now UNICEF is challenging smartphone users to ignore their device in order to make a difference. Through the Tap Project App, for every 10 minutes a phone is left untouched, a day’s worth of clean water is donated to children in need around the world.  Tapping into our mobile addiction with an emotional sidenote is a sure way to gain traction and encourage donating.

Tweet the Code

Continuing the trend of social gaming, developers are creating a game called Dungeon, that givers users complete control over what challenges are generated whilst they’re playing. This is done through tweeting lines of code tagged with #HashtagDungeon, which create additions to the game that you want to see. This method has been utilised on the Twitter platform in a way that it’s used with TV, creating a whole new experience. Although open to coders right away, the developers are looking to simplify this to open to non-coders too. This brings a new meaning to an interactive game…

The Social Stories: Issue 132


Audi have proved themselves to be at the forefront of social media with their latest campaign which ran during the day of the Superbowl, whereby they teamed up with current affairs satire

website The Onion  to produce humorous snaps using the social network Snapchat. This tied in with their quirky above the

line advert, premiered during the Superbowl, which focused on the “Doberhuahua” to reiterate their message – designed with compromise.



Strike presents real-time opportunity

If you’re a Londoner, you’ll know it’s been difficult to avoid the tube strike this week. It’s affected every commuter in one way or another, be it getting to work, getting home, or just beating the crowds. Brands haven’t been slow to jump on board this marketing opportunity, with Zipcar and Hailo taking advantage of an unfortunate situation to publicise their services. Paid social activity has manifested itself as cleverly timed tweets about alternative methods of transport, with much initial success. Other brands to have jumped on the bandwagon include Innocent Smoothies and Waterstone’s – both known for their irreverent tone.



Smile, it’s Thursday

In what marks a continuation of Coca-Cola’s recent friendly marketing, they have released a video showcasing how easy it is to ‘share a smile’. Featuring various members of the Coca-Cola team, they have sent  t-shirts around the world, asking recipients to upload a picture of themselves wearing a ‘smile’, which they then amalgamated into a flipbook style animation. This in turn was then sent to participants, who could share on their own social network. Watch the full video here.