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The Social Stories: Issue 134

klmThe Social Airline

KLM is making travelling social with their latest activity: commerce through Facebook and Twitter. KLM customers can now book and pay for flights using the social networks, in a move that KLM believes ‘will lead to better, more convenient service, all in one place’. It’s also a move that shows KLM is listening to its customers – over 35,000 queries are received by the social media team each week, and this will go some way to simplifying the often complicated process of booking flights. Business customers are especially likely to benefit – often making changes and needing flights at short notice. KLM previously introduced the idea of ‘meet and seat’ using social, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

vaThe Other Social Airline

Appealing to tech-savvy travellers, and aiming to connect people with Linkedin contacts an their flight – Virgin America is launching an in-flight social network, powered by the Here On Biz app. All customers have to do is download the app before take-off and allow the in-flight Gogo wifi and API connect you to others during the flight. This innovation also joins part of an overarching Twitter campaign where users share flying experiences with #PlanePitch. As part of their overall plan to reinvent the flying experience, this new concept joins the previous social meeting app that romantically connect travellers with other available travellers on the same flight. Looks like there’s a battle of the social airlines this week…

linkedA Pro Publisher 

Broadening their potential, Linkedin has opened up their publishing platform to all 277 million users on their network. Previously only available to a small group of influential people, such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson etc…this expansion shows Linkedin’s real passion to become the definitive publishing platform. This strategic move potentially has the power to bring people back to their Linkedin account on a daily basis, rather than just when they’re looking for a new job. Giving users the opportunity to become publishers also adds a new dimension to their profile, giving companies deeper insight to who they really are. We have a hunch that this is just the beginning for Linkedin becoming more personalised and engaged.

The Social Stories: Issue 133

daisyMarc Jacobs Pop Up

Hoping to replicate the success of the Special K Tweet Shop in Soho last year, Marc Jacobs has put together ‘Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Store’. As their way to embrace social currency, visitors are asked to snap photos of products and post to Twitter or Instagram with #MJDaisyChain. They are rewarded with MJ branded gifts on their way out ranging from perfumes to a handbag! This is a great way of generating earned media, using Instagram and Twitter to support the pop-up with an overall much greater reach.



Heineken has launched a ‘#DateinaBox’ for Valentine’s 2014. Literally, this is a glittery red box with a date inside. The box can only be opened if your man is willing to broadcast his feelings to the world on Twitter and Instagram @Heineken_US. If he does, he’ll be sent a code which will allow him to open the box revealing a very special date. With two days left, men all over will be contemplating whether damaging their social media cred is worse than having nothing planned for Valentine’s Day. Heineken has given all you last minute-ers a lifeline here. Just be careful your other half doesn’t see.


Utilising our obsessive nature of constantly checking our phones, Twitch is an app that polls users when they unlock their phone. Rather than asking users to take the initiative, Twitch simplifies the process and presents a simple question after each unlocking. Getting people to engage with a poll is usually quite difficult, as many questions can put users off, so presenting only one questions at a time is hopefully one way to eliminate a high drop off. Used in the right way and with the right poll, this could potentially be a great way for brands to ask their audience questions.

The Social Stories: Issue 132


Audi have proved themselves to be at the forefront of social media with their latest campaign which ran during the day of the Superbowl, whereby they teamed up with current affairs satire

website The Onion  to produce humorous snaps using the social network Snapchat. This tied in with their quirky above the

line advert, premiered during the Superbowl, which focused on the “Doberhuahua” to reiterate their message – designed with compromise.



Strike presents real-time opportunity

If you’re a Londoner, you’ll know it’s been difficult to avoid the tube strike this week. It’s affected every commuter in one way or another, be it getting to work, getting home, or just beating the crowds. Brands haven’t been slow to jump on board this marketing opportunity, with Zipcar and Hailo taking advantage of an unfortunate situation to publicise their services. Paid social activity has manifested itself as cleverly timed tweets about alternative methods of transport, with much initial success. Other brands to have jumped on the bandwagon include Innocent Smoothies and Waterstone’s – both known for their irreverent tone.



Smile, it’s Thursday

In what marks a continuation of Coca-Cola’s recent friendly marketing, they have released a video showcasing how easy it is to ‘share a smile’. Featuring various members of the Coca-Cola team, they have sent  t-shirts around the world, asking recipients to upload a picture of themselves wearing a ‘smile’, which they then amalgamated into a flipbook style animation. This in turn was then sent to participants, who could share on their own social network. Watch the full video here.

The Social Stories: Issue 131

STEVEReal-time Marketing at the Digital Marketing Show

The Social Practice’s own Steve Parker delivered a keynote talk at the Digital Marketing Show on the rise of real-time marketing. Real-time marketing has seen a flurry of activity in recent months, including brands talking to one another on Twitter (Tesco Mobile & Jaffa Cakes), Oreo’s ‘dunk in the dark’ Superbowl stunt and many more. Steve touched on some of these examples and also looked at the future of this interesting area of social media marketing. Watch the full presentation here.



Alzheimer Nederland 
Alzheimer’s is a disease that many of us are aware of, but not many are familiar with the  implications. Alzheimer Nederland, a Dutch organisation for Alzheimer’s disease, has sought to bring it to life using Facebook, and the results are shocking.  Facebook users were superimposed into photographs of events that never happened – thus creating an experience not unlike that which Alzheimer’s sufferers face every day. It would be interesting to see this sort of campaign on a larger scale, as it is spectacularly effective.



osSniffing out the best campaigns
The Old Spice campaign has been seen on multiple channels, and now they have launched a spin-off used as a platform to prank your friends online, using the prospect of hilariously overcompensating-masculine products. If a friend actually tries to purchase an item, Old Spice confronts them with the reality of their decision in a set of videos bound to get a laugh. An extremely sociable experience to           start the year off.

The Social Stories: Issue 130


The Selfie Police

Considering it was added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013, there is still a large amount of skepticism over the ‘selfie’ and its narcissistic attributes. Students in Utah have found a way to conquer this perception by harnessing the popular photo taking technique to help those in need. They call themselves the Selfie Police. In exchange for uploading your selfish photo to the “Selfiie Police” site, you are ‘fined’ $1. All ‘fines’ go direct to Vittana, an organization that provides student loans to kids in developing countries. This is a great simple idea that looks at charity in a new light. Rather than making people charitable, they’ve made a common act charitable instead.


The Twitter Flipbook


Everyone remembers the simple joys of flip-books as a child. Following a story in a matter of seconds with great sequential images. In the digital age, this concept has evolved. Carmaker Acura promoted their Acura NSX prototype by turning their Twitter timeline into a flip-book animation. They tweeted 150 bespoke illustrations one after each other and prompted users to view them sequentially and at pace. This concept brings social content to a new level and shows great creativity beyond the classic tweet and image combination.


Instagram News

Known to be popular for photo bloggers, the social app has entered new realms and stepped up to cover world news. The BBC is testing the platform on sharing breaking news in a more dynamic way with Instafax. Although there’s clear potential in the market to supply people with bitesize bits of information, the concept isn’t without its problems. For example, with the inability for out-links to be created, there’s no where for people to go to view the whole story. Only being in its pilot phase, this is something we’ll be keeping an eye on.

The Social Stories: Issue 129



Connected Cars

We’ve all become familiar with the term Connected Homes, especially with Google’s purchase of Nest this week for $3.2 billion. So it only makes sense to introduce the next big connection – Connected Cars. General Motors announced that from 2015 the Chevrolet App Shop will be available, giving drivers access to music, podcasts and travel information. All tailored for in-car use, the content will be supported by 4G LTE connections. This overlay of technology is all to add a deeper car experience, and why not? We spend more and more time in our cars these days, if our homes can be ‘connected’, we may as well be connect on the go too.


Emirates for the Real Madrid

As part of a joint campaign, Emirates and Real Madrid have launched their “Fans for Real” campaign in search of looking for the most devoted Real Madrid fan around the world. Fans are asked to +1 the Emirates and the Real Madrid Google+ pages and upload engaging content about Real Madrid using the #FansForReal and #FlyToMadrid hashtags. The choice of the Google+ platform is an interesting one for this competition as it follows a simple mechanic similar to that of Facebook and Twitter – whether it gathers the same traction will definitely be something to watch.



The Digital Printed Catalogue

To drive awareness of their new 2014 catalogue launch, Ikea Norway have launched a new campaign asking customers and fans to take photos of the catalogue pages featuring their favourite pieces, and then to share them on Facebook and Instagram. Inspired by the fact that Ikea DM customers with new products on a regular basis, they thought to turn the tables and get fans to push out content using the #ikeakatalogen hashtag for a chance to win that item. From all content published online, the catalogue will then be repurposed using the UGC. A great way to integrate Ikea fans into a campaign, and to make the most of UGC in a fun way.

The Social Stories: Issue 128


PeekInToo Your Life

Is voyeurism our favourite pass-time? With new app ‘PeekInToo’, it just might be. With the success of video sharing apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, the newest on the market takes it a step further and gives you a 12 second real-time glimpse into an anonymous persons life. Using a map, users select a location and pick another user who’s ‘accepting requests’. The recipient then uses their phone camera to share their surroundings. With perks such as witnessing a gig you didn’t make it to – satisfying curiosity isn’t the only highlight.


Jelly Me

This week saw the launch of Jelly – a new service from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.  With a simple mechanic, this app lets you ask questions to your Twitter or Facebook audience through the power of words or images. This is a great way to crowd-source opinions, and has the potential to turn into a valuable market research tool for brands. As a brand, having spent time and money building a loyal fanbase on social, why not ask a question about a new product, or show a sneak peek of new marketing and get feedback from an audience you know will relate to you? Jelly seems brilliantly simple, with a wide range of possibilities.


H&M: Shop Pants

H&M are innovating their superbowl ad this year by bringing their first shoppable advert straight to your TV screen. Compatible with Samsung Smart TVs, the ad will feature a small pop-up window in the corner, which will be interactive via the remote control, allowing you to purchase David Beckham’s Bodywear Line. Already a highly anticipated advert, this shoppable interaction is certainly one to look forward to. The only shame is it being limited to the Samsung Smart TV.

The Social Stories: Issue 127

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 16.53.32

The Globetrotter

British Airways and the Metro have launched a crowd sourced, live and integrated travel campaign – giving you the chance to create and edit content. This campaign will follow comedian Joe Wilkinson on a range of global adventures dictated by the audience. Metro readers can vote online (from a predetermined list) for places they would like him to visit, including New York & Prague. You can also tweet to share what challenges you’d like him to undertake. He’ll interact with the audience on the Metro’s social channels, whilst reader comments will live feed on Metro.co.uk. A clever integrated campaign, the crowd sourcing concept is a clear winner when relating to the large scale of the Metro’s readership. Where will you send him to?


Hit The Target

American retailer Target has recently put full force into its online shop after seeing a decline in sales. As a result, they have linked to Pinterest and put together a special compilation.The Target ‘Awesome Shop’ is still in beta, but allows you to sort top-pinned items by certain preset categories, as well as view the most pinned items overall. With the potential to pull together an innovative idea linking to any of their social channels, Pinterest seems the natural choice. This is after Target saw a 70% increase in traffic from Pinterest after they introduced Rich Pins. Despite some questionable results found from the potential of Pinterest in the UK, this ‘Awesome Shop’ will be an interesting test to see whether this positive effect persists even when customers leave Pinterest.


Shark Tweet

With the increasing number of shark attacks in Australia, Twitter has been adopted to come to the rescue. Surf Life Saving Western Australia (SLSWA) is using transmitters on sharks to tweet alerts to beach-goers when the tagged shark swims within a kilometre of the a beach. The tweets tell civilians the breed, size and location of the shark so they are well informed before taking a swim. With approximately 320 sharks currently tagged, there is still some way to go for maximum potential, but this system is an instant way to inform people of possible danger compared to classic the media.

The Social Stories: Issue 126

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.08.25

SnapChat Santa

With a new wave of investment, SnapChat is a growing platform for agencies, brands and individual users. So what better time to utilise the features with a creative idea than Christmas? VML Agency Australia have jumped at the chance and introduced a current, innovative way to distribute their company Christmas cards – with SnapChat Santa. This new profile will see Santa sending out weird and wonderful videos and images everyday until Christmas day, giving an insight into the life of the man of the season. Follow Santa_Official on SnapChat and see two of the most popular topics of the moment come together.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.07.41

Facebook Donate

Facebook has gone charitable with their new Donate feature, linked to non-profit organisations. This button will appear in Newsfeeds and charity pages prompting users to take part. Simply click ‘Donate’, and enter the amount you wish to give before entering payment details – all done within a Facebook pop-up window. The big question is how much commission Facebook will be taking for hosting – but in fact, the answer is zero. 100% of donations go towards the chosen charity. We’re wondering how long until Facebook adopts this functionality and applies to e-commerce?


Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 17.09.26

Tweet Knit

As part of a campaign to drink responsibly over the Christmas period, Budweiser have introduced a social incentive to designate a driver after parties this season. Introducing ‘Knitbot’ – the machine that knits red and white jumpers with the company branded logo, and slogan “Celebrate Responsibility”. If you know someone who’s the designated driver over Christmas, tweet #Jumpers4des and make them feel special with a Budweiser jumper. Although not a high profile gift, the novelty gift is always a winner around Christmas.


The Social Stories: Issue 125

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 16.11.58

Naughty Or Nice

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Do you think Santa will be bringing you lots of gifts? Why not check if you deserve it with the Social Santa app? It analyses your tweets and counts how many times you’ve used obscene language on Twitter. Declared to “save Santa a lot of time,” this app will surely determine whether you’ll be receiving presents or a sack full of coal. So far, the app has analysed over 75k naughty users compared to only 62k nice ones. This brilliantly simple idea shows great seasonal integration with content that is readily available to be analysed. By the looks of things, Santa will be having an easy Christmas this year.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 16.13.29

Don’t be Lonely this Christmas

Ikea Switzerland has launched ‘No Empty Chairs at Christmas,’ the campaign dedicated to help bring together those who are spending the festive season alone. Between the 24th-26th December, people can enter their details, such as location and language, and choose whether they would like to host or be a guest for Christmas this year. Users can then look through photos of potential guests or hosts along with a personal blurb to accompany the photo and decide where they would like to spend the big day. This is a lovely campaign full of festivity, highlighting the joys of giving this holiday season and really showcase the brands sense of personality.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 16.12.55

Status Update on the Run

Over 5000 runners were able to share their running status during Nike’s Rio Coree 10k in Rio De Janerio – with the simple instruction of high five-ing. Runners were supplied with special chips while they ran, which meant that when they high fived a specialised glove it sensed who the runner was. At this point, they could choose between two tunnels – tired or excited – and their choice of tunnel was then posted to their social media account as a representative of their mood. This is a great idea linking together real life activity and social media – inspired by getting athletes to motivate each other. We’ll be sure to look out for a high five on our next run!