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The Social Stories Issue: 165


Instagram ads have finally reached the UK! Starbucks, Channel 4, Rimmel, Waitrose, Cadbury and Estee Lauder are the first brands to introduce the promoted posts on their accounts as a result of their strong social presence on the channel. Instagram want the release of the ads, which can be recognized with a ‘sponsored’ label, to be a ‘natural experience’ for users, similar to when you’re flicking through the pages of a magazine. The first ads are not directly selling the products, but are more focused on showcasing the brand with beautiful images. We’re interested to see how users will take to these adverts, and how many will opt to hide them from their feeds.



Clothing brand Nordstrom, have chosen twelve fashion-conscious, influential Instagram users to take snaps of their new range.  The Instalog, (catalogue + Instagram) has been designed to give customers a new vision of how to wear next seasons clothing, after research showed that their audience is inspired by the aesthetics they see on Instagram. The brand is also able to share this content through their own account and twelve others simultaneously, giving it visibility on a much larger scale.



ByU4KfCCYAErBulI Wish…

Amazon are now allowing their customers to add products to their wish list through Twitter, with the introduction of #AmazonWishList. Sending a tweet or replying to one containing an Amazon link with the hashtag will automatically add the item to the users Wish List on the site. The MyAmazon Twitter account will then reply back with a confirmation tweet and other information such as if the item is out of stock. This new feature follows on from the #AmazonCart hashtag, which let users add products to their basket in the same way. The service has arrived just in time for the Christmas period and is another way for Twitter to move into the world of ecommerce and social shopping.


The Social Stories: Issue 164

wersm-gopitcher-tinder-marketers-app-657x360Pitch Me

Pitcher, said to be the ‘Tinder’ of the marketer’s world, has been designed to help clients instantly seek out agencies to work with in Amsterdam. The relationship between client and agency can be compared to a love story; they meet, ‘fall in love’ and after some time, one gets bored and dumps the other for a much cooler, interesting agency. After setting up a profile, clients are able to swipe through agencies. Similar to Tinder, to ‘like’ you swipe right and to reject, you swipe left. Pitcher will be able to give marketers a fast, easy, free service that can add value to their company, whilst enabling them to invest money in small, short term business relationships. Find out more info here.


topshop13_zpsd1cfb646Straight Off The Runway

London Fashion Week 2014 saw Topshop reveal their SS15 collection with a live stream launch on their Facebook page from the runway. #TopshopUnique became the most socially accessible fashion show yet. Fans all over the world were able to view the new collection via Facebook and Instagram; where five super users were chosen to share photos of the exciting backstage action. The live stream was also shoppable, with customers able to instantly purchase items show on the runway through their website and at the Oxford Circus store.  This brave, innovative campaign enabled Topshop to reach out and interact to their millions of followers around the globe in real time, and has definitely set the barrier for next years LFW.


UnknownI’ve got a golden ticket…

Over forty charities have received donations from Easy Fundraising after their recent #hiddenfundraising campaign which took place in Manchester. More than one hundred cash filled tickets were hidden in Manchester’s Media City, Piccadilly and Spinningfields area. Photographs and clues were released daily to the public with the use of the hashtag on the charity’s social media platforms. Those who found the letters were encouraged to tweet a selfie with the voucher and state which charity should receive the donation. This campaign is a fun, inspiring way to highlight how easy it is to donate money to a charity of your choice, without having to take a penny from your pocket.

The Social Stories Issue: 163

buy now‘Buy Now’

Twitter has thrown itself into the world of ecommerce by launching a ‘Buy Now’ button, with which users will be able to instantly purchase products from brands and music artists through one simple click on a tweet. Pinterest and Facebook have also provided their users with this service, but Twitter emphasize that they differentiate themselves by the use of influencers driving spend and the fact that it’s a real-time service. The ‘Buy Now’ feature brings in new audiences for the channel and allows them to become something more than just a messaging service by turning users conversations with brands into transactions. Check out the promo video here.



snapchatSite Seeing Snaps

Snapchat has launched geofilters in London, where over thirty landmarks in the capital will be available to tag when taking snaps. Some of the iconic locations include Tower Bridge and the London Eye, but the other twenty-eight will remain a mystery as Snapchat wants its users to figure it out themselves by swiping right after taking a photo. With around 50% of teenagers using Snapchat, its popularity is now greater than WhatsApp so there is a need for new and exciting features to keep users interested. We’re looking forward to what else they’ve got to offer in the future. Happy Snapchatting!


downloadBrowse and Buy

ASDA customers will soon be able to purchase products through ‘shoppable’ videos and online ads on YouTube. Running on their Mums Eye View channel, the new feature will allow users to add any item listed beside the video to their basket, and check out without leaving YouTube. The idea behind this is to increase the number of shopping options to impulse buyers, and give customers the convenience of being able to fill their baskets whilst browsing. This is a good example of how brands are using social media to create new audiences and expand business from store to the online world.

The Social Stories Issue: 162

gary-20140829104336163Tweet to Eat

As part of the ‘Do Us A Flavour’ campaign, Walkers has transformed three bus stops in London into tweet-activated vending machines. Passers-by are asked to tweet @Walkers_busstop, which triggers the machine to release free packets of crisps. This is a fun, innovative way of engaging with the public, and encouraging them to vote for their favorite after trying one.

Reactions on Twitter have been very positive so far, with lots of photos and even Vines being shared.



Adidas Polska Instagram has launched the first interactive game on the channel to promote their new Predator Instinct shoes. The game consists of picture matching. These images contain tags that link to other profiles, which reveal one piece of a four-part password combination. After being taken through four different tag links, the first user to like all parts in the correct order wins a pair of the shoes. Targeted towards their younger audiences on social media and mobile, this is a new and slightly challenging way of encouraging them to interact with multiple pieces of content.


478502459_640Six Degrees of Separation

Marriott has teamed up with MIT’s Mobile Experience Lab to transform the social aspect of business travel. Six Degrees is a social service that helps business travellers interact with others when staying in the same hotel by gathering data from their LinkedIn profile, such as their location, interests and job title. It consists of an app, digital wall projection and an interactive wooden table, which is the real spectacle of this project. The table is wired with RFID nodes, which connect with guest’s mobile phones or ID cards. When a match has been made between the guests, the LED lights flash in the same colour. Business travellers will have to wait until they can use this service, as it’s only currently being tested at the Marriott in Massachusetts. Check out the making of the Six Degrees table here.

The Social Stories Issue: 161

Processed with MoldivSteady Hands

Instagram has introduced a new app, Hyperlapse, which allows users to create high quality time-lapse videos on their phones. The idea behind the app aims to scrap the notion that you can’t take decent footage your phone without having to keep it still. Instagram explains that its inbuilt stabilization technology enables you to take moving handheld time-lapse videos with a ‘cinematic look, quality and feel’ that was previously only possible when using expensive filming equipment. Mercedes-Benz USA has already started using the app to showcase their motors, check it out on their Instagram account here.



Screen-Shot-2014-08-26-at-14.48.51-500x277Ready, Steady, Cook

Uncle Ben’s has created a YouTube cooking channel for their new ‘Ben’s Beginner’s’ campaign, which encourages parents to cook with their children. It will include a series of cooking videos presented by Christian Stevenson that will use the brand products to make various, delicious recipes.  These will also be supported with content by celebrity chef Lisa Faulkner, who will teach kids extra skills and recipes. As an incentive, kids are asked to film and upload their own cooking videos, demonstrating what skills they’ve learnt so far for a chance to win £10,000 worth of cooking equipment for their school. This creates interaction and engagement from their audience, as well as collecting user generated content for the channel. If you fancy learning some new culinary skills, take a look at the YouTube hub here.


kissyourplace.cropKiss Your Rent Goodbye

Kiss FM has joined forces with mobile network giffgaff to give one lucky listener the chance to have their rent paid for a year. The ‘Your Place, Your Space’ campaign is targeted at their 15-34 year old audience, who are aspiring to move out of home but are struggling to do so due to financial restrictions. Listeners are asked to create a short video or post an image on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #KISSgiffgaff, along with a short description of why they deserve to win. With rental prices on the rise, this campaign has been designed to help one lucky young adult gain independence and start their career path, as well as raising awareness to others that young people are struggling to be able to make these things happen due to rent costs. Watch the giffgaff promo video here.



The Social Stories Issue: 160

BvGH-6gIUAAshUiOriginal Prankster

Fanta has taken to Vine for their new #FantaForTheFunny campaign, where influential Viner’s Alli Cattt, Jason Mendez and Mighty Duck have been brought on board to create and share multiple humorous Vines involving stunts and pranks, as well as encouraging others to make and send in their own, with the hashtag for a chance to be included in future videos. This enables Fanta to engage with their audience in a fun, creative way, as well being able to collect a large amount of user-generated content. The concept behind the campaign is to unite young teens to embrace the desire for fame and passion for humor whilst allowing them to be themselves- no matter how goofy or silly they look.  Check out the first episode here.


marc-jacobs-daisy-embedSweet Tweets

Marc Jacobs recently opened a pop up ‘Tweet Shop’ in Covent Garden, where customers could exchange tweets for free treats to promote his latest ‘Daisy’ fragrance. Users were asked to tweet @MarcJacobsIntl, along with the hashtag #MJdaisychain in order to receive a perfume sample, while those who included a video or image were given a key ring or in store manicure. The notion behind the campaign stems from Marc Jacobs wanting to give something back to his dedicated, spontaneous, creative fans, as well as boosting their social presence by the demand of using branded hashtags as the source of currency. See the promo video here.


mDrk-xfC_400x400Jog On

Fitness app, RunKeeper has teamed up with Kiip to encourage and motivate their users to go beyond their usual exercise routine with the incentive of a rewards program. The rewards include discounts on products that have been chosen to appeal to the app’s athletic audience, such as Proper Water, Secret Deodorant and Pebble smart watches. Specifically targeting incentives and offers to app users only, is a great method of building brand and customer relationships, as well as encouraging them to stick with that product.

The Social Stories Issue: 159

IMG_0010x-698x532Vito Sport Europe Chapter One: Hossegor

Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport has launched their Europe video series featuring the best of British adventure sports athletes crossing the continent in iconic locations. The first episode features big wave surfer Andrew Cotton and British champion Alan Stokes, surfing in Hossegor, France. To celebrate the release, Vito Sport are running a major competition on their Facebook page with three prize packs up for grabs, with up to £550 worth of surf and lifestyle gear on offer. See more from the film on the Vito Sport blogenter the competition by August 24th and watch the video now.



Pin and Chat

Pinterest has released a new messenger feature on the channel, enabling users to discuss their favourite images with other pinners. It’s designed to allow users to collaborate and share ideas with each other on the site, rather than using other popular messaging services.  After a pin has been sent to another user, a conversation appears in the bottom left hand corner. As well as one-to-one conversations, groups of up to ten users are able to chat in one space. This allows Pinterest to have a service that is more credible to their users, rather than it being a means of communication, which will hopefully lead to higher engagement levels.


Twitter-Video-AdsPromoted Videos

Twitter has announced that they’ll be testing their new ad feature, ‘Promoted Video’, in order to help brands post richer, more engaging video content on the channel for their users. With a large proportion of brands advertising on social media, using this service allows them to distribute video content to a large audience in one tweet. Access to analytics will be available in order to see how effective the content is. ‘Promoted Videos’ also allows smaller brands to create high levels of exposure, by being able to share their video content without needing the large following of bigger brands.

The Social Stories Issue: 158

10569013_1524877534398542_3199596514906152980_nFlock To Unlock

Puma is using Twitter’s new ad feature, ‘Flock to Unlock’, to enable their followers to ‘unlock’ content about the brand once they’ve reached a certain number of retweets.  The campaign will see influential athletes sponsored by Puma, such as Usain Bolt, Mario Balotelli and Lexi Thompson, tweet messages explaining how to unlock the content. The number of retweets however won’t be revealed to the fans; instead a graph will be used to see how far they have until they’ve reached the target. The use of this new feature enables brands to create excitement and hype to the build up of content to be released, whilst generating high levels of engagement by the request of a simple mechanism.


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.36.47Social Wars

Instagram has introduced new features that are making it all too similar to rival channel, Twitter. After following a new user, Instagram will now drop down a list of ‘Suggested Follows’, enabling you to find similar people to connect with. The explore tab has been revamped, mirroring Twitters ‘discover page’ which displays a range of photos that are built on algorithms based upon the people you follow, what’s popular in your country, and even hashtags that you may have used. With these similarities, along with studies revealing that image based posts gain five times the engagement of text posts, Instagram could be on it’s way to take over Twitter for engagement levels on shared content.


10553506_701141816589873_3804690790314802942_nExpedia Travel Profile

Expedia’s new ‘Expedia Travel Profile’ campaign is letting users embrace and show off their travel experiences by creating an infographic of where they’ve been to share on their profiles. With over half of content on Facebook based around travel, the app is designed to celebrate the notion of travelling to a new place and how it makes our lives more interesting and cultured. By scanning the user’s profile, the app gathers information such as number of counties you’ve visited, the most interesting transport taken and famous drinks in cities you’ve been in to create the graphic. It’s a fun way of generating engagement and fueling some harmless rivalry between friends on the site who also want to share and show off their travel moments.

The Social Stories Issue: 157


Virgin Holidays has encouraged their customers to show off their sunny snaps in response to Three’s holiday spam campaign. Virgin Holiday’s took to Twitter to cheekily reply to the mobile network, telling holiday goers, ‘don’t be sorry, #showoff with pride. You Look Delicious’. A billboard advertisement has also been placed next to Three’s ‘hot dog legs’ poster in the Elephant and Castle area, London. Based upon the number of hashtag uses, it looks like the rivalry has been successful.


Hellmans-SummerHacks1Hellmann’s Hacks

Hellmann’s has launched a new social media campaign, ‘Hellmann’s Summer Hacks’, of short life hack videos to demonstrate that their squeeze bottles and glass jars aren’t just for storing mayonnaise. The inspiration behind the campaign comes from eating outdoors; something that Hellmann’s believe is one of life’s great pleasures. However, typical British weather can sometimes ruin these plans, so the campaign aims to offer ‘fun and innovative solutions’ when this happens. For example, turning their glass jars into lanterns and a mini BBQ. They’ve also created four, cool ‘heroic’ life hacks to visually enjoy, such as the flames of BBQ that dance to the beat of a DJ, and a 3D printer that creates mayonnaise selfies on burgers.



Food brand, Genius, is the official gluten-free provider for the Commonwealth Games 2014, and has encouraged the public to send their words of support to the athletes in their #ToastTheChampions campaign. The messages, that can be tweeted or left by Facebook comment, are printed on a digital piece of toast that users can share on their social channels. This is a simple yet creative way for Genius to communicate and connect with a large audience.

The Social Stories Issue: 156


We all know that parents love sharing endless amounts of photos of their new borns on social media, but Johnson’s Baby have found a way to embrace the trend to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday. The campaign urges parents to upload snaps of their babies eating cake on their first birthday, along with the hashtag #babycakesmash on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to create user generated content for their website. YouTube has also been used to digitally push the campaign, with the tagline ‘Every baby deserves to make a royal mess on their birthday’. This campaign allows Johnson’s Baby to interact with their target audience in a way that doesn’t seem forced, whilst also connecting with a new generation of parents using social media to keep a record of their babies ‘firsts’, rather than printing them out and sticking them in a book.


TpkXeoSg_400x400You’ve Got Mail

The Post Office has launched the campaign #LoveSundays to promote their new Sunday openings. A series of cute, low budget Vines have been created, showcasing typical Sunday activities such as cooking a roast, going for a romantic evening stroll or doing the household chores, which have then been posted on their social channels. User generated content has also been created by asking fans and followers, how they enjoy spending their Sundays. The Vines have already proven to be popular with the network’s new ‘loop count’ feature calculating a total of over 38,000 loops of #LoveSundays over the past few days.

heineken-where-next-open-your-city-campaign-2014.jpg‘Where we off to next then?’

Heineken has designed a new Twitter service to help users make sure they don’t miss out on their city’s wining and dining hot spots. @wherenext works by users tweeting the handle and using the geo-locate tool to receive recommendations on bars, restaurants and clubs worth visiting in their area. By not using ‘Heineken’ in the Twitter handle, the service appears to be more than just a way to get users to buy their beer in the chosen location. Instead, it allows them to become a social guide and ultimately unlocking these as the ‘secrets of their city’. It also markets moderate consumption of alcohol in an innovative, engaging way, as it’s more about the place you’re at, rather than how many bottles you’ve managed to down!