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The Social Stories Issue: 156


We all know that parents love sharing endless amounts of photos of their new borns on social media, but Johnson’s Baby have found a way to embrace the trend to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday. The campaign urges parents to upload snaps of their babies eating cake on their first birthday, along with the hashtag #babycakesmash on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to create user generated content for their website. YouTube has also been used to digitally push the campaign, with the tagline ‘Every baby deserves to make a royal mess on their birthday’. This campaign allows Johnson’s Baby to interact with their target audience in a way that doesn’t seem forced, whilst also connecting with a new generation of parents using social media to keep a record of their babies ‘firsts’, rather than printing them out and sticking them in a book.


TpkXeoSg_400x400You’ve Got Mail

The Post Office has launched the campaign #LoveSundays to promote their new Sunday openings. A series of cute, low budget Vines have been created, showcasing typical Sunday activities such as cooking a roast, going for a romantic evening stroll or doing the household chores, which have then been posted on their social channels. User generated content has also been created by asking fans and followers, how they enjoy spending their Sundays. The Vines have already proven to be popular with the network’s new ‘loop count’ feature calculating a total of over 38,000 loops of #LoveSundays over the past few days.

heineken-where-next-open-your-city-campaign-2014.jpg‘Where we off to next then?’

Heineken has designed a new Twitter service to help users make sure they don’t miss out on their city’s wining and dining hot spots. @wherenext works by users tweeting the handle and using the geo-locate tool to receive recommendations on bars, restaurants and clubs worth visiting in their area. By not using ‘Heineken’ in the Twitter handle, the service appears to be more than just a way to get users to buy their beer in the chosen location. Instead, it allows them to become a social guide and ultimately unlocking these as the ‘secrets of their city’. It also markets moderate consumption of alcohol in an innovative, engaging way, as it’s more about the place you’re at, rather than how many bottles you’ve managed to down!

The Social Stories Issue: 155

Barbour Summer Illustration 1#BarbourSummer

Barbour has taken to social media for their new campaign, #BarbourSummer, to promote the lifestyle aspect of the brand. Barbour are asking their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers a ‘summer themed’ question each day, with the best stories being transformed into a custom-made illustration that will be incorporated in an animated film. The idea behind the campaign is for Barbour to see how their customers are wearing their products throughout the summer. By using their social channels, they’re able to upgrade user generated content in a quick, unique and fun engaging format. Log on to find out the latest question if you’ve got something you want to share!



Ever thought you could sell a luxury item over Instagram? Mercedes-Benz are putting this to the test with their new campaign #GLApacked. The brand are targeting millennials for the release of the GLA sports car in autumn, with the help from established artists and athletes who are top influencers on the channel. Each user was loaned a GLA and asked to document a cross-country road trip on their account. Visual storytelling on social is a successful marketing strategy when reaching out to younger consumers, and working with influential figures enables Mercedes to target their followers. Do you think this technique will be enough to persuade these millennial’s to purchase such an expensive product?


WorldCup-2014071410535382They think it’s all over…

The World Cup is officially over, but by the power of social media, it still feels like the celebrations are in full swing. After Sunday nights final, it looks like Germany weren’t the only winners, with Facebook claiming that the match was the most talked about sporting event in the history of the network with over 280 million mentions. It also broke records on Twitter, with more than 680,000 tweets sent per minute. Throughout the tournament, brands of all kinds jumped on the chance to create related content, but it was Adidas, sponsors of Germany who gained the biggest exposure with their real-time campaign, #allin- ‘All or Nothing’, reaching over 1.59 million mentions in conversations over social. This event has demonstrated how powerful and influential social media is around sport and real-time events and how brands can benefit from it.

The Social Stories Issue: 154

Unknown-10-300x300Keep CALM and Tweet

CALM, (Campaign Against Living Miserably), has launched their new campaign, #mandictionary, to raise awareness of male suicide. After recently releasing the statistic of twelve men each day taking their own lives due to feeling like they can’t speak out, CALM want to try and break down the cultural barrier of men reaching out for help. The charity has taken to social media to push the cause, encouraging the public to use the promoted hashtag and send in their own definitions, which is then turned into real time content and posted across their social channels. This has enabled them to engage with new audiences and create debate surrounding what it means to be a man in today’s society.



Ikea has launched the first Instagram account to act as a fully functioning website to promote their new collection. The account consists of twelve images that form a visual catalogue, and act as different furniture categories to choose from. Once a user has clicked on one of the photos, tapping on it brings up tags for each of the items shown. Clicking a tag then takes the user to that items own Instagram account. This is a great way of using Instagram’s inbuilt features of tagging and grid format in a unique and innovative way, whilst being able to connect with their audience at the touch of a button. We’re interested to see if people will chose to use this service over the conventional way of browsing on their website, or a physical copy.



Vodafone have teamed up with Spanish actor Raúl Arévalo to create a play from live tweets by the public as part of the Vodafone’s Firsts initiative, a programme lead by social media to show the new experiences technology allows people to do. The play will take place at 8PM at the Capitol Theatre in Madrid on Friday 11th July, where people from all over the world will be encouraged to send in suggested lines and directions with the hashtag #firstteatrotuits to make up the two hour play. The live audience will also be asked to contribute their thoughts about the actors on their smartphones during the performance. This is a fun way of engaging with their audience and encouraging them to interact with them as a brand, however we’re intrigued to see how the storyline will go whilst being left in the hands of the public…

The Social Stories Issue: 153

american express#MySecretCity

American Express has partnered up with fashion photographer Nick Knight to launch their new #MySecretCity Twitter campaign. With a focus on ‘hidden inspiration’, the collaboration will see Knight showcasing his favourite locations in West London, and posting the real-time content on to the Amex Twitter account. The idea links back to AE’s “Realise the Potential” campaign, where they’ve teamed up with the UK’s top bloggers to showcase London’s most inspirational places on a map on Pinterest. The campaign aims to amplify London’s potential as a city and encourage more people to appreciate what the Capital has to offer. Find out more here.


914737_698715556852781_1858345766_nLike For Love

Heineken joined the Gay Pride celebrations this month by launching their #LikeForLove campaign on Instagram. The campaign consists of seven images, six of which include couples that are stood in front of a striking background that forms into a digital Pride flag when scrolling through the page. Each couple is also positioned to stand on each side of the photo frame, so that when followers double tap the image, the Instagram heart forms in between them. To drive traffic to the app, the images are also being featured on their other social sites. With Instagram currently being a predominant social channel for brands , we think it’s a great platform choice for Heineken to present their campaign, whilst also using their inbuilt features in a cute and clever way. #LikeForLove may also increase Heineken’s gay following, with recent social studies proving that brands benefit from supporting equality.



Have you seen Lexus’ new advert? The commercial, launched this week to promote the companies global STROBE campaign, features a sequence of individual ‘Lightmen’ sprinting over the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The innovative advert was created using stuntment dressed in specially-designed LED light suits featuring 1,680 computer-controlled bulbs. CHI&Partners worked with Adam Berg of Stink Productions to create the spectacle, with The Social Practice handling online coverage in influential places such as Mashable and Gizmodo. Check out the behind the scenes videos here.

The Social Stories Issue: 152

slingshotReady, Aim, Fire

Slingshot is the latest app to be released by Facebook, allowing users to converse with each other by taking and sharing photos and videos. Once taken, you’re able to get creative with the ability to draw over, add text and even add music. The app is an obvious competitor to Snapchat, but Facebook has differentiated the two by users only being allowed to view slingshots by sharing their own first, making everybody get involved. However, we think this mechanic may put people off using the app, as some may not want to share what they’re doing at that moment in time. Slingshot hasn’t been released in the UK yet, but we’re intrigued to see if users choose this over its other competitors.


suarez-frontBite Me

Luis Suarez’s bite against Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the Uruguay vs. Italy game gave brands the ultimate real time story to get their teeth into. Viewed live by millions of football fans, the incident drew a great deal of attention on social media too, in particular Twitter, with over 340,000 mentions on the site within an hour after it took place. Sticking to the theme of ‘bite this, not a footballer’, brands competed for the title of the funniest tweet, with Snickers and Nando’s receiving the best responses so far. This is a great example of real time marketing, demonstrating how brands can respond quickly to live events, reaching a huge number of people.



Wimbledon is taking social media by storm this year by using Grabyo to provide live replays and reactions from fans on Twitter. User generated content including tweets, photos and votes are what’s making this so special. They’re being shared on Henman Hill, with the onsite audience being encouraged to interact. The hashtag #WelcomeBackAndy was also pushed throughout Murray’s first match, with incentives for fans for taking part. Using Twitter as their main social platform enables organisers to take full advantage of the trending hashtag and actually engage with fans, rather than just simply tweeting about it. Only 500,000 people get to come to Wimbledon, so the idea behind this social campaign enables the rest of the 20 million digital viewers elsewhere to become a part of the experience as well.

The Social Stories Issue: 151


Twitter has taken it’s brand new toy, the Dronie, to play with at this years Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in Southern France. The Dronie allows Twitter to take overhead videos by flying in and out of events. Twitter has already put this new technology to the test by taking footage of celebrities and Twitter staff socialising at the festival, creating the ultimate selfie video at unnerving heights. The videos have been posted on their Vine and Twitter page, with one of the first featuring Sir Patrick Stewart.  This is a great way of generating unique, innovative viewing footage of the festival which really stands out from all of the other Cannes content. A word of warning though, it’s not for those who suffer from vertigo!

After last taking victory sixteen years ago, Porsche celebrated its return to Le Mans 2014 with the first ever 24 hour social media race between their fans on Twitter and Weibo, with the incentive of a V.I.P package up for grabs. Fans were able to create their own team on the official site, with one rule to always keep in mind; the more you and your team Tweet throughout the race with the hashtag #24SocialRace, the faster you’ll go! This type of social media strategy meant Porsche were able to gain significant viral reach from Le Mans, creating hype and buzz around the event. Check out the full promo video here.

612_SNAP21Our Story
‘Our Story’ is the latest feature to be released by Snapchat to create an even more collective, visual experience for its users all around the World. Following the ability to build your own story on the app, Snapchat has enabled users to add their own snaps to the story of an event attended by thousands of people, with the first being at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) festival in Las Vegas. The idea behind this feature lets Snapchatters contribute Snaps to the same Story, but allows those who can’t make the event, feel like they’re experiencing it too after watching the live clips. This is an exciting new feature, that lets one app take you right into the heart of an event no matter its location, whilst also opening up the opportunity to grow awareness and reach from social activity within events.

The Social Stories Issue: 150

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 16.32.58ASOS #EpicSummer

ASOS has partnered up with MasterCard to encourage their ‘twenty something’ consumers to share their best moments so far on Instagram and Twitter for their #EpicSummer global campaign. ASOS know that their tech savvy, social media know-it-all audience will be capturing and sharing their best bits on their mobile phones at their latest festival, party or BBQ, so what better way of taking advantage of that than running a campaign surrounding this. Each week a favourite will be picked and awarded tickets to this year’s biggest gigs. This is the first time that ASOS has teamed up with a commercial partner to run a campaign, and with both sides offering brilliant prizes to young audiences; we’ll be surprised if this isn’t one of the top hashtags this month.



Listerine is one of the last to be announced as sponsors during the World Cup this year, and has created the real-time campaign, #PowerToYourMouth, surrounding conversations throughout the games. Newsrooms in London and New York will be watching and reacting throughout the tournament, getting sports experts to create real-time content for Facebook and Twitter. The content fits in with Twitter’s new multimedia feature, where brands can now directly embed video that plays with just one click, instead of using YouTube or Vine. This is a great way for brands to continue to push more visual content on their site. We hope that Listerine will keep on top of their game with this, as there are many brands choosing to use real-time marketing throughout the World Cup.



Anti-smoking charity QUIT, have turned to Vine to upload their latest online campaign to raise awareness surrounding the dangers of smoking. The thinking behind using the six-second video platform, comes from the fact that every six seconds, a smoker dies. It enables the charity to turn a simple, yet horrifying statistic, into quick, visual dramatic content to instantly get the message across. Three videos, were created, one for each smoker demographic. One features an attractive young woman with red stained lips, but the glamour soon disappears after Vines auto-play feature shows her repeatedly exhaling smoke into the camera. We think this is a powerful and effective way of turning facts and figures into something hard-hitting, content.


The Social Stories: Issue 149


Online shopping just got easier for Vogue fans as they can now purchase their favourite fashion items on Instagram with just a double tap. Using the LIKEtoknow:IT (LTK) platform – a website that’s been created by the publishers of RewardStyle – followers are able to buy the items featured in the Instagram shot as long as the caption contains a LTK link. When liked, the user receives an email with all the product information, and if purchased, Vogue gets a cut! Users do need to sign up to LTK in order to use the service, but once they have, they can shop until they drop. Well, their finger anyway… This is one of the more prominent cases of making Instagram shoppable, so we’ll be watching with interest to see if it works.



Sweden’s biggest festival Popaganda, mixed old school and modern day entertainment when releasing the full line up to this year’s event to their fans. After announcing the main headline act, Veronica Maggio, a Swedish pop star, a week before the rest, Popaganda decided that it they didn’t want to just simply give away the line up to their fans, instead they got Maggio to play a good old game of charades, where she acted out each one of the seventeen acts in individual short videos on their Instagram account. Fans were asked to guess and comment the artist being acted out, with one follower on each video winning a pair of tickets for the correct answer. The videos have received a great response, and the ongoing campaign has generated a wealth of interaction and hype around the festival.


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.40.57#HomeComing

Have you seen our pictures from the Home House London #HomeComing festival yet? The festival was held in Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre in aid of the Elton John Aids Foundation. Celebrities including Suggs, The Strypes and Sophie Ellis-Bextor appeared to sing Songs in the Key of London, celebrating the great sounds of the capital. Vertu, who sponsored the event, also hosted a VIP area including free cocktails and a sneak preview of the new Signature Touch, which launched officially yesterday. CEO Massimiliano Pogliani also attended the sell-out event, which reached over several hundred thousand people on Twitter and Instagram. Live tweets and photographs were posted during the event, and attendees were encouraged to take an infamous selfie with the hashtag #homecoming. Check out some of the photos we captured below:


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 16.09.41Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 16.09.23

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.59.52Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.42.37

The Social Stories: Issue 148


One Hour Translation, an online translation website, is offering Twitter users free, on-demand Brazilian Portuguese translation throughout the World Cup season for people wanting to tweet to Brazilian locals, in a great example of clever real-time marketing. This is a fantastic way of furthering the reach of their service by latching on to a relevant world event, and it not only provides a public service for those within the country, but also gives brands the opportunity to promote themselves on an international scale. If you’ve got a burning question that you’ve always wanted to speak in Portuguese, get tweeting on June 12th! We’ll be brushing up on our own Brazilian Portuguese, so expect to find next week’s Social Stories em Português!



0f66cb44-4244-443f-b944-25078b08c700Pimp That BBQ

Tim Westwood has gone mad for meat in the new Heck food campaign, where he is on the hunt to find the nation’s most run down and destroyed BBQ.  He aims to transform it into something special and spectacular to celebrate National BBQ week, in the vein of “Pimp My Ride”.  The video appears on YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Twitter, with Westwood encouraging users to post their damaged BBQs on social with the hashtag #WhatTheHeck, which automatically enters them into a competition to win a brand new £3,500 BBQ! The brand is targeted at a younger audience, so having Tim Westwood on their side enables them to create fun, light-hearted content and help build their online social presence.  We’re interested in how Westwood’s involvement will increase the reach of this brand, and will be watching closely.


facebook-mobile-blue-270x167Sharing isn’t caring

Are you fed up of knowing what song your friend has just listened to on Spotify through your Facebook? Or thinking, how on earth do they know what image I’ve just repinned on Pinterest? We’ve got some great news for you. Facebook is cracking down on automatic updates on your news feed via third party apps. This is a pinnacle moment in the history of Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of having everything you eat, drink, do or visit automatically shared for everybody to see, is reined in. Users weren’t ready for this level of sharing and frequently reported it as spam. The notifications won’t be removed entirely, but it means apps won’t be getting the level of viral exposure that they were previously seeing. We’re a little surprised at this decrease in social integration, but users might appreciate the privacy when next listening to the new One Direction song!

The Social Stories: Issue 146



Ever wanted to print your own image on a pair of trainers? Well, now it can finally happen. Adidas are allowing their customers to print their favourite Instagram photo directly onto the ZX Flux Trainer with a brand new, ingenious app released in August this year. Adidas has managed to combine the nation’s obsession with trainers and selfies in one zeitgeisty app. Fair play.We think that Adidas have developed an innovative way of connecting themselves with their fans, by collaborating with their customers and creating a new, one of a kind #miadidas shoe.  Other competitors such as Nike have offered their customers the freedom to customize their trainers for comfort and performance, but Adidas are the first to offer this level of innovation. This fad won’t be ending anytime soon, so we can only wonder what these brands will have up their sleeve over the next few years.

Beck-Playable-Posters-1Playable Art

Beck’s Beer have trialled many digital firsts throughout the years, and this is no exception.  Their latest campaign focuses on ‘playable’ music posters – allowing people to create and remix their own tracks in the street. The tagline is “Turning Beer Into Art since 1874″, and it highlights their desire to be at the forefront of new technologies while relating back to the sociable nature of beer. Beck’s are claiming it is a world first, and whilst this is not entirely true, it’s an interesting way of fusing digital media and fast moving consumer goods. You can find out more about the campaign at #playableposter.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 17.34.31Football and Fizz

As part of their marketing campaign for the World Cup, soft drinks brand Pepsi has designed an interactive #FutbolNow vending machine, that gives football fans the opportunity to win a free shiny blue beverage if they are able to complete a series of challenges with a floating, virtual football.  The machine is fitted with motion sensors that are able to track body movement as you tackle a digital version of Messi or Van Persie, showcasing your footie skills when it matters. Pepsi has previously used the concept of interactive vending machines, which enabled you to buy drinks for your friends via Facebook, but we think this one is a little bit more fun.  With the chance to win a free can, what’s not to love? Keep a look out for these machines near you and see if you can take on the World Cup pros!