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The Social Stories Issue 176: Pushing Buttons & Discovering Secrets

FacebookPush The Button

Facebook has added seven new call-to-action buttons for business pages this week, which can now sit on top of the cover photo. These have already been available for posts, but they will now be much more prominent for users visiting the page. They have been designed to help businesses achieve objectives such as driving traffic to their website, increasing sales or creating more views.


The buttons include:

·       Book Now
·       Contact Us
·       Use App
·       Play Game
·       Shop Now
·       Sign Up
·       Watch Video

American razor brand, Dollar Shave Club, have started to use the new function and seen a 2.5x higher conversation rate within a three-week period, demonstrating that they’re definitely worth installing.

Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be rolling out the new buttons in the US and worldwide in 2015.


TumblrExplore and Discover

Tumblr  has released a new ‘explore’ button that allows their users to sift through endless amounts of content from the site.

Once clicked, the compass shaped button pulls out text, photos, GIFs, audio and video content that the user has previously liked. It also mixes in real time top trending’s posts, along with Tumblr staff picks.

With over 230 millions users and over a billion posts published, this new feature is designed to increase discovery and engagement levels on the site, as well as attracting new users with the ability to search without having to sign up.


snapchat-push2Snapchat Secrets

Sony’s recently leaked emails with Snapchat suggest that the photo-sharing app is looking to bring in a new promotional music feature.

The emails detail how Snapchat were potentially looking to introduce new bands on the app with 30 second clips that link through to the iTunes store, but Spiegel’s demand for a high revenue share seems to be where plans stalled.

Snapchat already integrated music-related content in user’s stories feeds earlier this year when they exclusively announced the nominees for the MTV Music Awards. They have also brought in a handful of promotional videos for existing bands to help fan acquisition, but the release of these private emails suggest that CEO Evan Spiegel is planning even bigger projects, such as starting his own record label and continuing to use the app as a music promotion platform.

All of this news suggests that music will be a big part for Snapchat in 2015.

The Social Stories Issue 175: Rewind, Social Wars & More

YouTube rewindCan I get a rewind?

YouTube has put together a special Rewind short film to celebrate the best moments, memes and people of 2014 on the channel.

The video giants have aimed to include songs and references to clips that were popular all over the World, emphasising its global reach and the power of sharing content on social media.

It includes a mash up of the top tracks that were released this year, such as Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’, Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ and Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’. It also includes the most popular videos like the ‘Mutant Giant Spider Dog’ and ‘First Kiss’ that were not just watched in their millions, but also shared on other social media channels.

Watch the full video and reminisce with YouTube here.


Instagram 300 millionSocial Wars

Instagram announced this week that they now have over 300 million active users on the channel, beating Twitters announcement of 284 million in October.

The app has come a long way since it’s launch in 2010 on the iPhone. Over the years its popularity has dramatically increased, with the number of users doubling from 150 to 300 million over the past year.

The concept of storytelling through imagery seems to be the marketing tool that’s capturing users imagination the most on social media, along with the ability to create and scroll through other people’s cool, filtered photos.

Instagram have recently announced that they will also be using verified badges for celebrities and brands to help cut down spam accounts.


Facebook searchA Blast From The Past

It’s time to prepare yourself for that embarrassing photo you’ve managed to bury in your timeline to reappear back on your Facebook timeline with the new advanced search feature that allows users to delve back into old posts.

The new feature comes after user feedback showed that the most wanted feature was to search through their history. It works by using keywords that are included in the post that you’re looking for and is strictly private and personal, by only finding posts that were shared with you and your friends.

Facebook holds a huge amount of data on its users which it traditionally uses for targeting advertising, but look out for more user features like this to start tapping into the archives in the future.

The Social Stories Issue 174: #TedsElfie, Filter Me & More


Ted Baker has launched their Christmas marketing campaign on Instagram to get engagment and interact with their audience over the festive period.

#TedsElfie has been designed to drive their fans to their Instagram Tedselfie account in a bid to find Santa’s missing Elves. The brand’s photos have been cleverly uploaded to create a Winter Wonderland. The game works by users tapping on a specific image and receiving clues in the copy and tags as to where the Elves might be. There are seven elves to be found, with prizes to be won including a trip to the northern lights.

This digital element of Ted Bakers campaign is a key strategy for reaching out to their social audience, whilst creating something that is innovative, engaging and a way to spread the Christmas cheer!


screen-shot-2014-12-02-at-3-56-47-pmBuy Now

Tumblr is testing new buttons on the site that include ‘Buy Now’, ‘Pledge’, ‘Browse’ and ‘Do Something’, in order to become more interactive and bring social commerce to the platform.

Initially the buttons have been available to only a handful of brands such as Etsy and Kick Starter on the channel. If these see a successful click through rate, this will enable Tumblr to compete with other social channels that have already started to use direct transaction features such as Facebook and Twitter, and eventually work with larger retail brands like Amazon and Ebay.

The new service will only be on desktop for the time being, with the ‘Buy Now’ button directing users straight to the purchase page on the brand’s website.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 17.30.44Filter Me

Snapchat is allowing its users to create their own Community Geofilters when they’re in specific locations.

Following on from the addition of standard geofilters in July, users can now choose the area that they want the filter to be available in and upload an image for it to Snapchat. All images have to original and approved by the Snapchat team.

This feature comes just in time for Christmas, when Snapchat users will be travelling more than ever. For more information and to upload your own Community Geofilter, check out the website here.

The Social Stories Issue 173: New Beginnings, Pushing On & More

ATNWe Are AllTogetherNow

We’re excited to share the news with you today that we’ve launched our 10th agency within The & Partnership, called AllTogetherNow.

With a team drawn from The Social Practice, M/Six and CHI & Partners, as well as former editor of NME and Top Gear magazine Conor McNicholas, AllTogetherNow is a new kind of content agency, where we integrate social, video, planning, editorial and metrics to create inspiring work and brilliant results.

Give us a follow at www.twitter.com/agencyATN


VineImgBlog-01Keeping Pushing On

Vine is helping its users to not miss a post by their favourite accounts with their new push notification feature.

By starring accounts, users will receive notifications from the users they enjoy the most on the channel, instead of missing them in a sea of other six-second clips. For brands, this is great news, as it could help boost their accounts by making sure that their content is seen by their followers.

The previous feature of loop counts added to the app will also benefit popular artists and brand in terms of measuring engagement, as they will be able to see a vast increase in viewing figures by using push notifications.


twitter-conversion-trackingLets Get Personal

From next week, Twitter will be rolling out a new setting which allows them to track what apps their users have recently downloaded.

The new feature, called ‘app graph’, is designed to create a ‘more tailored experience’ for its users, by suggesting new followers and ads based upon their interests, as well as being able to see tweets from accounts they don’t follow on their timeline.

After going live, all users are automatically will be opted into the tracking, however they are able to change this within their settings.

With Facebook also relying on users browsing history to show specific ads, social channels are doing their upmost to add that personal touch to each account.


The Social Stories Issue 172: Star Jumping, Money Grabbing & More


Travelodge have been promoting their room saving offers by launching a photo campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Fans have been asked to submit a photo of themselves, friend or family member on the social channels star jumping along with the hashtag, #GetUpandGoJump, for a chance to win an iPad and a weekend stay at a Travelodge of their choice.

The public has taken well to the campaign with the amount number of entries submitted so far, including people jumping on beaches, trampolines, on top of mountains and reaching for the stars.



Snapchat unveiled its partnership with the credit card processing company Square this week, to allow their users to send money via the app with its new feature Snapcash.

The instant cash service can only be used within its chat feature. After entering your debit card details the first time you use it, you’re good to go. Simply type a dollar sign and then the amount into the chat box and wait for the yellow send button to turn green. Once sent, the recipient will get a notification and can receive the money when tapping the money icon.

With Facebook and Snapchat now offering this feature to its users, the pressure is on for other social channels to deliver a faster, safer service.


rachel atherton FBAsk Atherton

World Champion mountain biker Rachel Atherton will be taking over the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Facebook page this evening at 8pm for a Q&A session.

Made for adventure, Vito Sport is holding the live session on their social channel to promote their sponsorship and work with Atherton Racing, so whether you want to know how to improve your biking skills, hear about Rachel’s journey or find out her interests and hobbies – now’s the time for you to get involved and find out.

Vito Sport recently held an action packed experience day at Bike Park Wales. Thirty lucky competition winners were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride with Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton, plus Taylor Vernon, all courtesy of Vito Sport. Watch out for the upcoming highlights video, released next month.

For more information on Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport, check out their blog here.

The Social Stories Issue 171: Colour Control, Oversharing & More


Online fashion giants ASOS has released a new interactive YouTube music video with girl band JUCE to push their Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

‘Colour Control’ allows users to pick the colour palette (red, yellow, green, blue or black) they want to dress the band in as they perform the song ‘The Heat’. The video was shot five times with the different coloured backgrounds, in order to create smooth, seamless jumps in between the change of colours.

We think this is an innovative way of showcasing their new clothing range in a cool, fun, energetic video.
Watch the video and create your own look here.


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 14.57.38Micro-gram

Tech giant Microsoft finally took the plunge and joined Instagram this week. The account will feature image and video posts showing how people around the world use Microsoft products and services in their work and daily life.

With Microsoft already having a strong social following on Facebook (6 million+) and Twitter (5 million+), the brand is pulling out all the stops to ensure that this is continues on Instagram by hiring professional photographer, Justin Bastien to find and shoot suitable candidates for the campaign.

The first image posted is of a barista in Seattle using Skype to communicate with other coffee lovers in different countries. The hashtag #DoMore is also being used to amplify Microsoft’s ‘mission to reinvent productivity’.


Facebook-Privacy-GuideHide and Seek

Does a brand, friend or family member you know post far too much on Facebook? Well, we’ve got some great news for you. The social channel will now allow users to ‘turn down’ the amount of content they see from friends or pages over the past week in their newsfeed settings, rather than completely unliking or de-friending.

For brands in particular, this means that oversharing and creating poor posts will result in low reach and view figures.

To explain these new features in more detail, Facebook has produced a video to demonstrate how it all works- watch it here.

The Social Stories Issue 170: Twitter, Google & Mercedes

twittersoundcoudPress Play

Twitter recently announced an enhanced partnership with SoundCloud and the release of embedded Audio Cards, meaning users can share, listen and discover music directly on their timeline. SoundCloud links in Tweets now shown as a visual audio card which users can play, pause, rewind and even dock as they continue browsing whilst listening. The new feature is another way for Twitter to make use of a variety of media formats, whilst also promoting and working with artists and brands such as Coldplay, George Ezra and the BBC.

Keep up to date with new participants at @TwitterMusicUK.


gmailYou’ve Got Mail

Google have launched a new app called Inbox that works for you. It’s designed to take the hassle out of email and “reduce the clutter”. The app is invite only at the moment, which mirrors the same launch strategy that they had for Gmail 10 years ago.

We’re yet to get our invite but we do know that the features include –

·      Bundles: batching together similar emails

·      Highlights: Prioritise key information and messages like flight info.

·      Reminders: allows you to set alarms to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Find out more information on the Gmail blog here.


MercedesOne Of A Kind

Ever wanted to build your own car? Mercedes are now giving users the opportunity to do so on Instagram to promote the new GLA model. Users can change the colour of the model, type of wheels, roof and grill via individual accounts on the channel.

Build Your Own GLA’ allows Mercedes to create an interactive experience for their fans whenever and wherever they are. With the platform also being one of the most visually appealing, it shows off the new model in a cool, stylish way.

Check out the promotional video here.

The Social Stories Issue 169: Argos Live, Halloween & Samaritans

Katy B Live with ArgosGet Set for Groundbreaking

As part of Argos’ re-branding for ‘Get Set Go Argos’, they held a groundbreaking live concert featuring Katy B.

The concert was advertised on social media, with Argos implementing an interactive head banner on Youtube, to allow people surfing the worlds largest video streaming site to sign up and watch live.

The Google+ Hangout, hosted by a panel of music industry experts, was streamed via Google+ and for the first time in the UK, through Youtube.

What’s next for Argos?



Trick or tweetTrick or Tweet?

The Halloween season is among us. Little kids and social media managers rejoice!

The season of trick or treating has created some great social media campaigns over the years, but should you take advantage of seasonal trends? Kellogg’s went big last year with their Rice Krispies prank, where the vending machine offered a free product, with a trick or treat element added in. Their videos received over 300,000 views. Whilst detergent brand, Tide, created a product campaign on Vine with their series of Halloween inspired shorts – some receiving hundreds of thousands of loops.


Samaritans appSamari-can

The Samaritans have introduced Samaritans Radar, a web app that keeps tabs on your friends’ tweets, and brings your attention to signs of depression. The tool uses keywords to monitor your friends status updates, sending an email to the user if something worrying is posted.

Is it a good thing or just another invasion in to privacy on social media?



The Social Stories Issue 168: Polls, Pages & Payments

Social Money

Social money makes the world go round…

With Apple Pay set to launch later this month, reports suggest that Twitter and Facebook are trialling new payment features on their social platforms in a bid to cash-in on the new trend for 2015.

Twitter users in France can trial a new service that launched this week, regardless of who they bank with. Leaked screenshots show a potential new feature on the Facebook Messenger app, allowing users to send cash to each other. If rolled out, the app will compete with other peer-to-peer money transfer apps, particularly as ex Paypal president David Marcus is heading these new developments.

Would you use social media to transfer cash between your friends?



McDonalds goes large

How many Facebook pages do you think you could manage day-to-day? McDonalds wants to connect every restaurant in their global chain on social media by launching 14,500 pages by 2015, making it the biggest brand in terms of footprint on Facebook, with plans to mirror this on Twitter.

The move is a part of the company’s focus to change it’s unhealthy image and to listen to customer gripes in real time, moving interaction beyond the restaurant. The pages will not only be initially supported by paid ads but also activity on other platforms, including Yelp and Google+.

It’s a mammoth task, so here’s hoping the brand also have a joined-up training and support programme for the community managers running all of those pages, to avoid another #McDStories social fail, with the next test asking if they are McDonalds or mouse



The results are in

The poll is back! After acquiring Polar earlier in the year, Google+ has rolled out this new feature, initially inviting certain brands to take part in creating polls for the platform. L’Oreal Paris India asked users what was their favourite lipstick shade while The Hunger Games quizzed their fans on their favourite moment from the new MockingJay trailer.

Initially rolled out to Android with iOS to follow, up to 5 choices can be created for each poll. You can select images or animated gifs for each answer, giving brands the opportunity to create some fun visual content for the platform, with The Next Web and Life at Google creating more since for the platform.

The Social Stories Issue: 167

10683996_859170557426587_1034874784_aHow You Remind Me

Music and memories go hand in hand, which is why Spotify’s new social campaign, #thatsongwhen, encourages users to share the songs that take them back to special moments. Fans submit their song and memory of choice, with a short descriptor along with #thatsongwhen on Twitter and Vine. This nostalgic little campaign is helping them collect lots of lovely heart-felt user generated content. Three fan story videos have already been developed into short films to demonstrate the campaign message. Spotify have also created a website where users can submit their memories on the live feed. We think that the campaign is proving a great way for Spotify to connect with their audience in a genuine and impactful way.

What song takes you back?


tfl-2But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Transport For London (TFL) has launched a new selfie campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using illegal minicabs to get home after a night out. TFL are encouraging young people to upload a photo of themselves getting into a licensed taxi on Twitter and Instagram, along with the hashtag #homesafeselfie, to spread the message. TFL hope that the campaign will drive behavioral changes in young Londoner’s at night. With the selfie being one of the most popular current trends within this demographic, we predict that they won’t be needing too much encouragement to take that one last picture at the end of the night.




lynxsnapcha_460Ad Snap

Snapchat’s co founder and chief executive Evan Spiegel announced that the app will shortly be releasing ads on users newsfeeds, where their friend’s ‘stories’ also appear. With Instagram also recently introducing sponsored ads to the channel, the use of storytelling through images is proving to be a successful way of brands being able to create higher levels of engagement with audiences, whilst subliminally selling a product. With over half of 16-24 year olds being enthusiastic Snapchatters, this is a clever, simple method of them being able to reach a younger demographic on a large scale.